Dog Trials
Roger and Tripp in the shedding ring at
Leatherstocking Sheepdog Trial in Cooperstown, NY
Heather and Kate, Sept. 2008, penning at the Novice Finals
(photo:  Megan Quigley)
July 2019

We invite the community to watch these wonderful dogs at
work at our Fetch Gate Farm Sheep Dog Trial.  A trial is the
ultimate test of a dog and its training.  It is designed to test
all of the skills necessary to perform its daily work on the
farm or ranch.

This is a free event.   Donations are accepted to help us
offset the many costs.  Fetch Gate Farm SDT is a non-profit

The event runs from 8:00AM until at least 4:00PM and there
are concessions/cold drinks available each day.   Spectators
are encouraged to attend and dogs are welcome (on leash
and under control).  Bring a picnic blanket or a chair and
come watch the trial!  It is a wonderful way to spend an
enjoyable afternoon with friends and family, and enjoy the
Here is a great video
about dog trialing!
Fetch Gate Farm SDT