Using specially trained pure bred Working Border Collies, Take
Flight Goose Mgt. visits your site each day at different times. By
giving the appearance of natural predators on your property, our
Border Collies are able to frighten the geese into flight.  The
handler and Border Collies visit at random times during the week
to remind the geese of constant danger.  The geese leave, moving
on to other areas that are safe, eliminating the current problem
on your property.

Border Collies utilize their persistent instinctual herding and
stalking abilities to convince the geese that predators are
present and that the area is unsafe for them.

Our Border Collies herd, but never touch or otherwise harm the
birds.  They will typically herd the geese into the water (if
available) and then they will swim after them until they fly away.  
We sometimes use a small remote boat to assist, or we kayak into
larger bodies of water.  

Our Border Collies are partnered with their trained handlers who
regularly attend clinics, workshops and Sheep Dog Trials to
improve their handling skills.

Our dogs are initially trained on sheep where they learn to handle
livestock in the proper manner.  They also learn all their
commands during this time.   We stress the socialization of our
dogs, as they are working among the public at many of our sites.
Take Flight Goose Management, LLC