Having problems with Canada Geese?

Are they making a mess, causing a disturbance?

Spring is coming and so are the geese!
Take Flight Goose Management offers the most thorough, humane
and effective goose control solutions, where the nature of wildlife
interferes with the quality of human life and activities.  We are a
contract service that provides for a handler and several Border
Collies to visit your property to control your goose problem.  

Trained Border Collies drastically reduce the Canada goose
population at golf courses, parks, business sites, and athletic
fields. We have many references from customers who currently use
our service.

Our methods are approved by the DEC, Humane Society, and the
Coalition to Prevent the Destruction of Canada Geese.
Take Flight Goose Management, LLC
We offer flexible contracts
We've been in business for over 15 years
We gladly provide references and estimates
upon request
Our clients include golf courses, municipalities,
homeowners associations, businesses, universities,
and NY State Parks.
Serving Syracuse, Ithaca
and the southern tier
areas of NY