Border Collies offer an environmentally-friendly way to manage
problem geese. These highly intelligent and trainable dogs police
problem geese with an enthusiasm and diligence which will quickly
persuade geese that future peace can only be obtained by finding
another place to live.  

Birds cannot habituate to the Border Collie. A dog is an actual
predator and the birds will always feel threatened.  They are a more
effective control method because they are perceived as a natural
predator, unlike noisemakers and other mechanical means.

The Border Collie can be used at any time for optimum effectiveness.
They are quiet workers and will not disturb clients or other wildlife.  
Border Collies are practically tireless and are adaptable and obsessive

A high quality goose-control dog is the most humane and effective way
of dealing with Canada goose management issues.  Many sites report
public relations benefits as well.   Parks, airfields, and golf courses
which employ Border Collies for Canada Goose management, justly earn
reputations for being conscientious and environmentally concerned.  

Local newspapers and industry newsletters are eager to write feature
articles on this novel method of dealing with problem geese.  Thus a
specially trained Border Collie goose control dog is an opportunity for
positive public relations.