Why do we have resident Canada geese?
Resident geese numbers have risen because of differing factors, the
first being their protection under federal law.  Action by
environmentalists has successfully restored the population of these
beautiful birds, so much so that New York now has a large population of
resident geese along with the migratory flocks.

What methods can be used to alleviate our goose problem?
There are several other ways to deal with geese but they are not as
effective as Border Collies.  We sometimes recommend using some of
these techniques in conjunction with our services.
Scare devices such as flags, mylar tape and balloons do not work alone,
as the geese quickly learn that they cause no harm.  The Border Collies
on the other hand, are viewed as predators.
Noisemakers and pop guns can be helpful if not overused, again in
conjunction with dogs. Turf chemicals need to be reapplied after rain or
watering and can be very costly in larger areas.

How much does your service cost?
Pricing varies on an individual site basis taking into account the
complexity of the property layout (location, accessibility, size), the
amount of water available (number and size of lakes, ponds, streams,
etc.) and the number of resident geese.

How long does it take?
This highly depends on the site. Typically, it takes 2-4 weeks to assess
the problem and change the feeding and flight habits of the geese:  it
then becomes a matter of maintenance.

Where do the geese go?
The geese will go wherever they wish, typically to an area where they
will not be not be harassed.  There are plenty of "wild" places in our
area where the geese are accepted.

What about nests?
It is against the law to harass a nesting goose or to tamper with its’
nest or eggs. To do so requires a special permit from the US
Department of Fish and Wildlife Service. We will work on your behalf
to apply for and obtain this permit which will allow us to perform the
egg depredation program.

Why are there goslings here, even though we did egg addling?
Geese and their young will travel an incredible distance, up to 25 miles,
to raise their brood in what they consider a safe lake or pond.  

What happens to the goslings?
Since the goslings are unable to fly, we are only able to herd them to an
appropriate area you designate as "Goose Friendly" on your property.
Once the goslings can fly and the adults have finished their molt, we  
can resume a more rigorous schedule of harassment until all the geese
leave your site.

Why Border Collies and not other breeds?
Border Collies have a herding instinct and are quite content with the
chase. Other breeds have kill or retrieve instincts and are not satisfied
until they capture and return their prey, leading to frustration and loss
of desire. The geese perceive the Border Collie as a natural predator,
seeing them as a coyote or fox because of their intense "eye."  Other
breeds are not perceived as predatory.

How long does it take to train a Border Collie to work geese?
It takes one to two years to properly train a Border Collie to work
geese. These dogs are specifically trained to herd, they do not to touch
or harm the geese.

How do animal rights activists view this service?
There are several animal rights activist groups that condone the use of
Border Collies as the only humane way to deal with the Canada Geese
problem. The USDA Wildlife Service, US Fish and Wildlife, the Humane
Society and PETA are some of the organizations that recommend this
Take Flight Goose Management, LLC